What Our Customers Say

We specialize in all types of Cacti including Saguaro. Our expert team is trained in Natural methods of pruning, relocating, and removal of every type of cactus found in Arizona landscapes.

  • Hi, I just wanted to tell you that, Chali did a wonderful job on that Cactus this morning! I will recommended you to anyone that needs any Cactus removed. Thanks for the great job!
    Judy, Mesa AZ
  • My Saguaro Cactus has been Saved! Thank You AZ Cactus Experts. My 'Big Grandpa' (our saguaro) was leaning for years and recently started leaning real bad. I thought it was going to fall over. Thankfully, they were able to remove a couple problem arms and they straightened my saguaro! This beauty is at least 100 years old! Very thankful customer.
    Mildred Reynolds / Phoenix, AZ
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